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System Requirements

Compatible with Palm Pre, Pre 2, Pixi, TouchPad, and Veer devices connected to the internet via EVDO/3G or WiFi.

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Compatible Devices

Crosswords for webOS compatible devices:

  • Palm Pixi
  • Palm Pre
  • Pre 2
  • TouchPad
  • Veer
  • Veer
  • TouchPad
  • Pre 2
  • Palm Pre
  • Palm Pixi

Crosswords for webOS brings the power of our award-winning Crosswords for iPhone to the Pre/Pixi, TouchPad and other webOS devices!

  • Download new puzzles daily from newspapers including King Features, Newsday, the The Independent, and many more!
  • Crosswords for webOS also supports paid puzzle subscriptions, allowing you to download puzzles from secure websites directly to your webOS device.
  • Keep tabs on how much of a puzzle is finished, how much time you've spent on each puzzle, and more!
  • Crosswords for webOS features a number of navigation and hint options that enable you to fill in the grid as deftly as you would with a pen and paper!
  • Create an account and post your solve times to our Crosswords leaderboard!

Want to preview Crosswords before buying? Check out Crossword Light, which comes pre-loaded with over 50 free puzzles!

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Crosswords was the #1 paid game in Palm's Hot Apps contest!

PreCentral selected Crosswords for webOS as one of the best apps of 2009!

Crosswords for webOS was selected by Gizmodo as one of twenty essential webOS apps!

Crosswords for webOS made the PreCentral Editor Top 5 webOS apps list!

Version History

Release versions

  • v.2.02 - Current release version. Released on August 04, 2011. This version features greatly optimized TouchPad support and minor bug fixes.
  • v.2.0 - Released on July 01, 2011. This version adds TouchPad support.
  • v.1.0 - Released on December 16, 2009. Initial release version.