Version History

Changelog for Satchel for Palm OS

Release versions

  • v.1.1 (build 1029) - Current release version. Released on March 03, 2008. This version features support for setting up accounts via Backpack 2.0.
  • v.1.03b2 - Released on August 15, 2007. This version adds support for authenticating via your Satchel API key. To find your Satchel API key, log into your Backpack account, click 'Account' and select 'Show the API key' at the very bottom of your account page.
  • v.1.01 - Released on May 17, 2007. This version fixes an update problem that occurred when grabbing all pages.
  • v.1.0 - Released on May 07, 2007. Initial release version.

Beta versions

  • v.1.2b3 (build 1032) - Released on December 06, 2008. This version features minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.2b1 (build 1030) - Released on March 05, 2008. Page body has been removed to reflect recent Backpack changes, and new download options have been added to speed up updates.
  • v.1.1b1 (build 1028) - Released on February 21, 2008. This version fixes an offline editing bug, and also adds support for setting up accounts via Backpack 2.0.
  • v.1.03b6 (build 1027) - Released on September 17, 2007. This version features minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.03b3 (build 1026) - Released on August 29, 2007. This version no longer requires that the user enter in their Backpack API key.
  • v.1.0fc2 - Released on April 28, 2007. This version fixes a bug that occurs if no account information is added upon initial setup. It also fixes bad characters in Windows-entered notes, and reminders are now updated when Updating All.
  • v.1.0fc1 - Released on April 25, 2007. This version is a final release candidate, and features minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.0b12 - Released on April 19, 2007. This version features the following changes and fixes:
    • + Changed “Add…’ button to allow item adds as well
    • + Added “Last Update? label
    • - Filter items for XML cleanliness
    • - Fixed menus in Page View screen
    • - Fixed “Add Another? button behavior
    • - Added warning when creating more than 5 pages
    • - Changed “To Do List? to “Tasks?
    • - Fixed more auto-update issues.
    • - Fixed redraw problem when deleting list items
    • - Trying to add an item to an empty page offers to create a list instead
    • - Field contents are now saved when the app is quit.
    • - Added dialog explaining how to handle SSL connections
    • - Added additional safety checks during auto-updates
    • - Added dialog explaining how to handle SSL connections
  • v.1.0b10 - Released on April 09, 2007. This version cleans up some auto-update performance and enables the 'Preferences' menu options while in 'Page View'.
  • v.1.0b8 - Released on March 20, 2007. This version extends the beta expiration time period, and features minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.0b7 - Released on February 14, 2007. This version fixes a problem when creating pages when offline and implements several Connection Library fixes.
  • v.1.0b5 - Released on January 23, 2007. Important: Make sure to delete Satchel from your handheld before installing this upgrade! This version features jump-to-letter functionality in Pages list, new “Add Another? button in Item Editor and minor bug fixes.
  • v.1.0b4 - Released on January 11, 2007. This version features numerous bug fixes, including a bug concerning reminder times, a navigation problem in the Notes view and a page loading problem. This version also includes a context menu on the Pages table, a new 'Display Error' preference and minor interface and navigation tweaks.
  • v.1.0b3 - Released on January 05, 2007. This version includes improved style handling & formatting, shrinks dateline in the Notes view, and minor bugs and interface tweaks.
  • v.1.0b1 - Released on December 29, 2006. Initial beta version.