Words Play for iPhone/iPad $0.99

Available on the iOS App Store

System Requirements

Supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.0 or greater.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Game Basics

  1. What is Words Play?

    Words Play is a turn-based tile word game where you earn points based on the letter score of each word you play. It's simple, easy, and fun for one or two players!

  2. How do I start a game?

    To start a game, just tap on the 'New Game' button on the main menu. You may also resume in-progress games from this screen.

  3. What kind of game modes are there?

    Words Play features three different game modes:

    • Game Center: Play a game against a Game Center friend.
    • Head to Head: Play a game against a friend by handing off your iOS device every turn.
    • You vs. iPhone/iPad: Play a game against the device (in-app purchase required).

    You only need a Game Center account to play against other Game Center users. Head to Head and single player modes do not require an account.

  4. Can I play against a random player?

    To play against a random Game Center player, tap on 'Game Center' and then tap on the '+' button and select 'Play Now' to set up an 'Auto-Match'.

  5. How do I play?

    To start, simply form a word by dragging any of seven tiles in your tile rack, located at the bottom of the screen, onto the board. The first word must intersect the center square (with the Words Play kids logo), and words must be built either left-to-right or down (not diagonally or right-to-left). You can only place letters in a single row or column each turn, and they must all be part of a single word. You can incorporate pre-existing tiles, and make words perpendicular to your new word by connecting previously placed letters.

    The total score for your play is based on the point value of each word, as well as any square bonuses used while playing the word. When you've completed placing your tiles, tap the Play button to end your turn.

  6. What do the special squares mean?

    The special squares give you additional points per play, if you play a word on them:

    • 2L squares: double points for the letter inhabiting the square.
    • 3L squares: triple points for the letter played on them.
    • 2W squares: double points for the word inhabiting the square.
    • 3W squares: triple points for the word played on the square.

    If you play a word using all seven of your tiles, you receive a bonus of 50 points.

  7. What do I do with a blank tile?

    Blank tiles can be used to play any letter however, the wild card letter is only worth one point, regardless of the letter you choose to play with it. To play a blank tile, simply drag it to the square and a letter picker will pop up.

  8. When does the game end?

    Each game allows the players to play 100 tiles on the board. When all 100 tiles have been played, the game is over and the player with the highest number of points is the winner. Additionally, a game can be forfeited by a player at any time by tapping on 'Options' and selecting 'Forfeit the Game'.

  9. What word list does Words Play use?

    Words Play uses the TWL06 word list.

Game Options

  1. What turn options are available?

    If you aren't happy with your current tiles, you can try shuffling them up by tapping on the 'Options' button, then tap 'Shuffle Your Rack' to change your tile order and hopefully provide you with some inspiration. If you're unhappy with your current letters, or just to hope for the right tiles for your next turn, tap 'Swap Some Tiles' under 'Options' and drag the tiles you'd like to swap to the swap board.

    If you're still stumped, you can pass your turn by tapping 'Options' again and select 'Pass Your Turn'.

  2. Can I play against the computer?

    While playing against other players is free, if you'd like to play against the computer you'll need to purchase the AI player. The AI costs $0.99USD, and can be purchased by tapping on 'Play vs. iPhone/iPad AI'.

  3. Is chat available?

    Yes! You can chat with your opponent by tapping on the speech bubble at the top-lefthand corner of the screen.

  4. What if I don't recognize a played word?

    You can look up the definition of a played word by tapping on a played tile. A 'Define' popover should then appear on the screen. Words Play will first look for a definition in the local device's dictionary and, if it cannot find it there, it will attempt to look it up on Wiktionary.com.

Common Issues & Questions

  1. I haven't upgraded to iOS 5 yet. Can I still play Words Play?

    Unfortunately Words Play is only compatible with iOS 5 and will not run unless you have iOS 5.0 or greater installed. Sorry!

  2. Do I need a Game Center account to play?

    A Game Center account is only necessary to play against other Game Center friends. You can still play Head to Head and Computer modes without signing into Game Center.

  3. How do I send you feedback?

    We'd love to hear your feedback! You can send feedback by going to the Words Play game menu, then tap the 'Info' icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen and tap the 'Email Feedback' button. You can also send us feedback via our support form, or email us directly at sales@standalone.com and we'll get right back to you!