Words Play for iPhone/iPad $0.99

Words Play
A fun new word game for your iPhone and iPad!

Available on the iOS App Store

System Requirements

Supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.0 or greater.

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Build words, earn points and expand your vocabulary while playing against friends with Words Play!

Words Play is a fresh take on a board game classic, one which allows you to connect with fellow wordsmiths from all over and juggle as many games as you can handle.

    Words Play is 99ยข in the App Store. Grab it now!

    Version History

    • v.1.11 - Current release version. Released on April 03, 2012. This version features minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.10 - Released on March 22, 2012. This version adds support for the new iPad retina display, in-game chat, improved graphics, Twitter support and leader boards.
    • v.1.06 - Released on January 16, 2012. This version fixes a Game Center issue involving turns getting skipped.
    • v.1.05 - Released on January 07, 2012. This version features minor bug fixes.
    • v.1.03 - Released on December 21, 2011.