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I can't download new crossword puzzles for Crossword Puzzles for Palm OS!

There are several reasons why you may not be able to download new puzzles:

  • You have a firewall preventing the Crosswords Conduit from accessing the internet.

    Make sure that your firewall is configured to allow the Crosswords Conduit to connect to the internet. If you are trying to use the Crosswords Conduit behind a separate network, you should talk to the network's overseer.

  • Make sure that the download links defined in Crossword Puzzles for Palm OS are correct.

    Some of the crossword links may have changed since you installed Crossword Puzzles. Visit for a list of the latest puzzle links, and check them against your current link sources (Options > Download New Puzzles).

  • You're using Mozilla Firefox my default browser and installed the Adblock extension.

    Unfortunately, the Adblock extension will block the conduit from fetching new puzzles and must be disabled when you are performing a HotSync.