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I purchased a collection of software programs and it says I need to register, what do I do?

Most software packages that include our software are done so without authorization by Stand Alone, Inc. The cardboard box that is enclosed in shrink-wrap and the CD's jewel case states on the back lower portion, these words:

'"Shareware", "Demoware" and "Trialware" are all exciting marketing methods which allow you to try top quality software before paying the author. With shareware, demoware and trialware, you cannot be disappointed spending money for a program that's not right for you. The small fee you pay covers only the duplication costs and permits you to evaluate the program. "If you continue to use the program, you must send the author an additional payment which may entitle you to technical support, printed material, bonus programs and more. Your payment supports authors enabling them to continue writing newer and better shareware programs."'

If the product you have purchased is "100 games to go for the Palm Computing Platform" by Aztech New Media, it also has the same statement on the bottom flap of its cardboard packaging.

In each case, our product has not been purchased, only the cd that contains the unregistered shareware copy. The sales methods are those of Global Star Software and /or Aztech New Media, not Stand Alone, Inc..

It is possible that our product exists on other CD's without our knowledge, since it is demoware, it can be used by anyone. If the CD you purchased was not mentioned, it too certainly has a disclaimer similar to the one above present somewhere within its packaging. If it does not, it is a matter to take up with the producer of that CD.