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How do I remove one of your programs?

In order to delete a program from your Palm OS device, at you Palm Main Menu you need to tap on your 'Menu' button (located right by the 'ABC' text on your graffiti pad). Then, under 'App' tap on 'Delete'. A new screen with a list of all of your programs will come up on the screen. Just tap on the program you want to delete, then tap on 'Delete' to remove the program from your Palm OS device. Instructions detailing the removal of applications can be found within your Palm Handbook.

Some of our applications (Clipper, Control Bar, Ender, Quick Access, QuickSwitch and SpellMan) cannot be deleted until the application has been disabled. To disable any of these applications, simply tape button labeled "Disable", or uncheck the box labeled "Enable" (found in the Preferences menu of the application). Once disabled, the application can be deleted as any other.