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What is my User Name, and how can I find it?

Your Palm User Name is the name that you assign your Palm Powered® handheld when you first perform a HotSync. If you have not, or are unable to perform a HotSync, please see 'What is my Serial Number and how can I find it?'.

Your Palm User name can be easily found by taking the following steps:

  • On your Palm OS device, open the program you are trying to register.
  • If your program has expired, tap on 'Enter Registration Code' or 'Enter Password'
  • If your program is still active, tap on your Menu Button
  • Then tap on 'Options', followed by 'Enter Registration Code' or 'Enter Password'.
  • Your Palm User Name is displayed on the following screen as 'User Name'.
  • If your Palm User Name reads as 'No Name Entered', please look underneath your User Name where it says Serial Number. Please use this instead of your Palm User Name.

  • Please Note: If your Palm User Name reads as 'No Name Entered' AND your serial number reads as 999999999 or ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ, you CANNOT register our programs.

    Please HotSync your Palm so we can generate a registration code for you. If you need assistance HotSyncing your Palm OS device, please consult your Palm OS device manual.

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