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How do I download new Crossword Puzzles on my Palm OS handheld?

To download new puzzles, you must have the Crossword Puzzles Conduit installed, or your handheld must have a direct connection to the internet. The conduit is located in the Crossword Puzzles Installer if you are a PC user, and in the sit file if you are a Mac user.

If you're a PC user, just launch the Crossword Puzzles Installer and perform a HotSync and new puzzles will be downloaded from the internet and installed to your handheld.

If you're a Mac user, place the conduit in your Palm > Conduit folder and perform a Hotsync.

If your handheld has a direct connection to the internet, go into Crossword Puzzles on your handheld, tap on 'Options' and select 'Download new puzzles'. Then select the site you want to download new puzzles from and tap 'Get'. Your handheld will then connect to that website and download the latest puzzle.