Backgammon 2k for Mac OS  
Backgammon 2k is one of the most powerful and fun games available on the Macintosh. Backgammon 2k has a ton of features including:
  • Save and Print games
  • Easy to use interface
  • Movement with keyboard and mouse
  • Doubling Cube
  • User enter or random die rolls
  • Note taking
  • Several styles of players
  • Unlimited takeback and replay of moves
  • A mentor, giving you advice of gameplay
  • Six different boards to play on
  • Floating windows which display move histories, clocks, pip counts, legal moves available, and status of turn
  • A ton of statistics are kept for every thing imaginable.
  • A free trial! (Some features are limited during the trial period)
Backgammon comes with 5 opponents, choose your opponent, or create one yourself!
Backgammon 2k keeps track of just about every statistic you could ever hope for!
Floating windows around the board, help you keep track of what is going on.
The settings window lets you define the way you want to play the game.
Backgammon is only $15. You can register it online and get upgrades free!

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Backgammon 2k for Mac OS (beta)
version 1.0b3
Price: $15 Order it!
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