Works Better Price: $29.95
Works Better is an enhancement for the built-in word processor for the MessagePad 2000, 2100, and the eMate 300. It makes the word processor much more powerful and easier to use.
It lets you create headers and footers your documents.
You can now create and print documents with multiple columns.
Works Better inports notes from the NotePad.
It also has a Key Caps screen, so you can see how to get special characters from your keyboard.
It's easy to navigate large documents with the Go To Page window.
Works Better also makes it easy to include page numbers with your document.
You can also set up styles, so your documents maintain consistancy.
It also has more printing options, like Landscape printing.
Works Better also includes the following features:
  • Word Counts
  • New fonts and styles
  • Handwriting rcognition

Download for Newton 2.0 Compatible Devices
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