1      Welcome and Registration


Major League Pinball™ is a great new Pinball game for your Palm. With tons of options three board layouts multiple ball sizes, you will have hours of fun with this great game.


1.1          Included Files


Included in this archive are the following packages:


1.1.1                  Pinball.prc


This is the software package that you need to install on your Palm Powered™ Device.


1.1.2                  Manual Folder


This folder contains both a text and html version of the user’s manual, as well as an images folder which contains the graphics for the html manual. To use the html manual, open it using any web browser. The text manual can be opened by any word processor.


1.1.3                  License.txt


This file contains the software license agreement. Please read this before using the software. By installing, copying, or otherwise using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of the license agreement.


1.1.4                  Order.html


This document provides a link to our web site to order the software. To use this link, first open Order.html though a web browser while connected to the internet. Tap the link, and you will be taken to our web site.


1.2          System Requirements


Please refer to the Major League Pinball™ product Page at for any updates to the list of supported Palm Powered™ devices. Throughout this manual, Palm Powered™ device is used to refer to all of these units.


1.3          Registering Major League Pinball™


Major League Pinball™ is demoware, and costs $12.00


Stand Alone, Inc.'s software is called 'demoware', which means that we allow our users to try our software, fully functional, for 30 days. After 30 days, our software expires and becomes disabled until you register it. In order to register our software, you must purchase it. However, once you purchase our software, the lifetime registration allows you free upgrades to any future version of the software.


1.3.1                  How to Register


There are several ways you may order your registration code from us.


You can order online at this website, using our shopping cart. Please Note: Our Shopping Cart requires that you use a current browser, such as Internet Explorer 4.5 or better, due to security precautions.


Fax us at 773-477-2579


Call us during our business hours of Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST at 773-477-2492.


Email us at


1.3.2                  Necessary Information


Please have the following information ready when you contact us: your Palm User Name, and the Program Name


1.3.3                  Entering the Registration Code


You can enter your registration code by one of two ways:


If your program has expired, simply enter into the program that you have registered and then tap the Enter Registration Code or Enter Password button on your Page. Then enter in the registration code.


If your program has not expired, then you must go into the program and then tap on your Menu button. The Menu button is located on your graffiti pad. Then tap on Option at the top of the Page. Finally, tap on Enter Registration Code or Enter Password and enter your registration code.


If you have any questions about registration or our registration policy, please feel free to email us at


1.3.4                  Contacting Stand Alone Inc.


There are several ways to get in touch with us at Stand Alone, Inc. Email is the preferred Page of communication. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or compliments, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the methods listed below.


1.3.5                  Business Hours


Stand Alone is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. These times are CST and GMT -5.


1.3.6                  Email




1.3.7                  Phone


Voice: (773) 477-2492


Fax: (773) 477-2579


1.3.8                  Regular Mail


Stand Alone, Inc


3862 N. Lincoln, Floor 2


Chicago IL, 60613




1.3.9                  World Wide Web


1.4          Reporting Problems


If you find a problem in our software, it would be helpful if you reported it to us. To report a problem, please email us with Problem Report Request in the subject line. The email should include the following information: the type of Palm device you are using (i.e. Palm IIIx), the software name and version number (i.e. Super Names v1.5), the error message, a brief description of how we can recreate the error, and your name and email address so we can contact you when the problem has be fixed


When reporting problems, it is best to email us, rather than calling, so that the programmers have a written record of the information they need to solve the problem.


2      Installing and Upgrading Major League Pinball™


When installing Major League Pinball™, follow the normal procedure for installing any third party software for your Palm Powered™ device. These instructions can be found in your device’s user manual. If you are installing version 1.0 or above with Windows, then you will be able to install Major League Pinball automatically using a stand-alone installer.


3      GamePlay


The goal of Major League Pinball is to score High Scores. This can be achieved by scoring runs. To do this you must hit the hit boxes around the edges of the screen. Scoring runs will give you bonus points at the end of the batter and often will drop more balls on to the playing field.


Once you score higher scores you will unlock many options. These include changing the ball size, changing the field, making the ball faster and more.


3.1          Flipper Control


Use the buttons on the left side of the palm (date book and address book) to use the left flipper


Use the buttons on the right side of the palm (to do list and memo) to use the right flipper



To Exit the game at any time press the application button.


3.2  Men on Bases

Get men on base by hitting the flashing areas (hit box) around the top and left edges of the screen. If messages are turned on you will be told when you get a man on base. Run the men to home for extra balls!


3.3 Homeruns

A home run is hit when you hit the Small center hit box. A home run will clear the bases and score men for extra balls. Home run records are also kept for the hall of fame.


3.4 Score

Run men to home for bonus points and extra balls. There can be up to four balls on the screen at once.


3.5 Outfielders   

Out fielders are the moving pegs in the outfield. Outfielders start off fresh every inning (not every ball.) They will chase the ball. Hitting an outfielder will not score points but will weaken the outfielder. Once hit three times the outfielder will disappear leaving the path to the hit boxes open.


3.6 Fouls

Fouls are the alleys along the edges of the screen. A foul will spring the ball back into action. A Foul Out will end the ball.


3.7 Batter Up

At the beginning of play a batter will appear. Aim for the top of the bar for the hardest hit!


3.8 High Scores

High Scores are recorded for the highest score and most home runs. You will be prompted at the end of a game to enter your initials if you get a high score. The higher your best high score the more settings you will unlock.


4      Main Menu

4.1 New Game

Start a new game with this option. If there is a game in progress this will end that game.


4.2 Continue Game

Continue a game in progress, this option will not appear if there is no game in progress.


4.3 Settings

Takes you to the settings menu where you can change sound, ball speed, gravity and more.


4.4 Records

Will show you the high scores and home run kings.


Tells you a little about us, Stand Alone, Inc. as well as displays your registration number (once you have registered)


4.5 Register

Here is where you put the code we send you to keep the program working forever. You can register at


4.6 Quit Game

Sends you to the launcher.


4.7 Help

Tells you some things about the program, you really do not need this if you are reading this manual!


5      Settings

Many settings require you to score a high score before allowing you to edit them.


5.1 Ball Settings

Some Balls – will put 2 balls on the screen if you score 2 hits in a single run, 3 for 3 and 4 for a grand slam

More Balls – will add 2 balls on the screen if you score 2 hits in a single run, 3 for 3 and 4 for a grand slam

Most Balls – will give you a new ball every time you score.


There will never be more than 4 balls on the screen at once.


5.2 Innings

This will give you longer games with higher scores. You will get outs X innings batters up. Outfielders and men on bases reset between innings but not between outs.


5.3 Board

This will change the board layout and patters.


5.4 Fouls

Control the side gutters

Fouls – allows you to sink a ball in the gutter each batter once before giving you an out.

No Fouls – a gutter ball is a dead ball

All Fouls – gutters always return the balls.


5.5 Earth•Moon•Space

These options will change the gravity you are playing in.


5.6 Walls•No Walls


This will turn off the top wall allowing the balls to go above the top of the screen.


5.7 Pen Drop

Pen drop turned on will allow you to tap the screen to place the ball wherever you want.


5.8 Sound

Music on – Play a song when in the menus and play game sounds

Sound on – Only play game sounds

Sound off – will not play music

The Game sound settings are used for volume control. These are found in the Prefs of your Palm.


5.9 Ball Size     

Make the ball really small to really big.


5.10 Ball Speed

Allows you to slow down or speed up the balls. The faster settings may look jumpy.


5.11 Messages

Turns messages 0, 1, or 2. Messages 2 will inform you what is going on. Messages 0 will allow smother gameplay. Message 1 will inform you to a point what is going on.


5.12 Outs

How many Batter Ups per inning do you get.


Major League Pinball is a trademark of Stand Alone, Inc.


Palm Powered is a trademark of Palm, Inc.


HotSync and Palm OS are registered trademarks of Palm, Inc.