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Lingua Franca for Palm OS® v.1.11
Please note:
Lingua Franca is no longer supported by Stand Alone, Inc. You may feel free to download this program, however we are unable to provide technical help and/or further information concerning the program.

This handy language dictionary makes traveling easier! You can place up to nine different languages on your Palm OS device at any time, plus perform a find within Lingua Franca with the built-in finder!
Lingua Franca dictionaries are updated with each release.

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Supported Devices:
Please note: In order to install the PDB files from a Macintosh, you will need to use some sort of 3rd party software.

We recommend Palm Buddy

For additional information, please visit our Online Lingua Franca Manual page.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you have downloaded version 1.0 before 5/10/99, and find that you are having problems with the database, please go to the top of this page and download it again.

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