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Connections for Palm OS
Connections requires your mind to be as quick as your stylus: build complete groups out of a barrage of multi-socketed cells - when you complete a group the group disappears and the board opens up. However the more groups you complete, the faster the cells need to be built! Connections is sure to keep you on your toes and your brain buzzing! Connections Screenshot
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Foundation for Palm OS
The blocks come fast and furious in this twitch-based puzzle game! As the blocks line up on the board, your mission is to dispatch groups of three or more adjoining groups. The more groups you remove, the faster the action gets! Foundation Screenshot
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Labyrinth for Palm OS
Labyrinth brings you at once a new digital maze game, based on the wooden puzzle games of old. This time you don't need to buy a new set-up every time you master a maze though! With multiple boards included, and more released every day Labyrinth is sure to keep you puzzling away for some time to come. Labyrinth Screenshot
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Sliders for Palm OS
Brains, a smart eye and quick fingers are just bare necessities that Sliders requires. Match up each row with the same group of blocks to make them disappear - but do it quickly, or you will be faced with a brand-new row and before you know it, it's Game Over! Sliders Screenshot
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